Focusing first and foremost on quality, Stephane Wojtowicz and the artisan bakers at Au Fournil make small batches of authentic French pastries and baked goods.  The spectacular macarons parisien  pictured below are delicate confections that will melt in your mouth.  You can sample these macarons and the best of local baking at the Carversville Grocery.  See you […] [more]


Meet artist of the month Abby Sernoff who’s work is showing now at the Carversville Grocery.  Working primarily with paper, ink, and acrylic paint, Abby Sernoff’s bird collages have been featured by Audubon Magazine.  Her collages showcase varied texture, pattern, and color and include papers collected from numerous sources. She prefers to use recycled materials as much […] [more]


We recently got a shipment of fantastic new cheeses at the Carversville Grocery and we think they’ll make you smile. One that we think you will particularly love is Kunik, a triple crème made from goat’s milk and just the right amount of rich Jersey cow cream.   Made by Nettle Meadow Goat Farm in Thurman, New York, […] [more]


We have tulips and Easter bunnies at the Grocery to get you and the family in the mood for Spring.   You can find also find some yummy takeout treats for dinner tonight at the Carversville Grocery.  In the case today are: Max’s Twice Baked Potatoes with Chives Black Rice, & Wheatberry Salad with,Brown Rice, Pine […] [more]


Kathy and Jim Lyons have dedicated their careers to discovering healthier and more sustainable forms of agriculture. They have a keen interest in cultivating microbially diverse and mineral-rich soil; that is to say they appreciate dirt. Recently they successfully added organic dryland rice to a growing list of extraordinary foods grown on their Pennington New […] [more]


The holiday season should be a time to relax and enjoy time with friends and family.  Well it should be, but so often we drive ourselves into a frenzy trying to find that perfect gift.  Are you tired of going elbow to elbow with the holiday hordes? We offer a humane alternative!   Are you in a jam?  We […] [more]


Downtown Carversville, PA was party central this past Saturday as New Hope-Solebury class of ’79 celebrated their 35th reunion. Partygoers enjoyed an array of beautiful food and specialty cocktails provided by the Max Hansen Caterer team.  The gathering was held in the recently refurbished historic community hall above the Max Hansen Carversville Grocery. Congratulations to our friends, […] [more]

Max gives an interview with Tim Walton of 6ABC FYI at the Carversville Grocery Store.

6ABC FYI producer Tim Walton recently interviewed Max Hansen at the Grocery on the growing popularity of specialty food markets. You know, like the Grocery! [more]


You will find a wide selection of D’Artagnan sausages, terrines, and foie gras at Max Hansen Carversville Grocery right in the heart of Bucks County! [more]

Max Hansen Carversville Grocery Coffee Mug

Bring home the welcoming environment of mornings at the Grocery with our new Max Hansen Carversville Grocery coffee mugs! These down home, over-sized mugs look like the old fashioned tin mugs of yesteryear and are just waiting to find a new home in your warm kitchen. [more]

ornaments handmade and painted bucks county artists

Gil Kulish’s Handmade Ceramic Ornaments make a wonderful hostess gift or stocking stuffer this holiday season. Sadly, this Bucks County artist is no longer with us, but you can get one of the few remaining original hand-painted Christmas ornaments while our supplies last. [more]

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Holiday gifts are already in store for you as Beautiful Russian Sevruga Caviar is available at the Max Hansen Carversville Grocery! [more]